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Arabian Panther

Arabian Panther tells the stories of a lonely warrior fighting for peace and justice. From warrior-march anthem to club banger tinged with arabic scale and middle eastern instruments : it’s all about Hafla and versatility through his Dj sets and production.

Playing on stage masked behind a black keffiyeh, he leaves the spotlight to the character he has created and to show his support to the palestinian cause and to his roots. This project is a tribute to his roots, a French child from the Lebanese diaspora.

He has, since many years, the will to spread a wide array of genre during his Dj set, with a “fast transition” approach : a real journey between BPM and vibes, from 90bpm percussive productions,110 to 140 Italo Body Music, Slug rave, Techno and EBM, to 150+ Trance, Breakbeat etc. This versatility is also the special touch of the “Toulouse Gouffre Club” (the label and parties he has created in 2019 with his musical family from Toulouse. He signed his first track on the first Palestinian techno label “Ha rara” and was able to perform twice in Ramallah and Haifa in 2019. After three EP “Heart Filled With Sand” (2019), “Rise of the Panther” (2020), “The Way of the Penitent” (2021), and more than 20 other tracks across differents labels (Ritmo Fatale, Dischi Autunno, Hardfist, ComicSans, AreaZ, Soil Records etc.) he’s working on a third EP, his first album and a Live Act (A/V) for 2024.


DJ Set


Toulouse Gouffre Club
Ritmo Fatale
Dischi Autunno
Soil Records
Harara Palestine
Hard Fist


Toulouse, France

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