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"Ils s’appellent Contrefaçon, mais ça s’écrit Ctrfçn. De ctrfçn on peut dire qu’ils se sont rencontrés sur les bancs du collège. Quelques années plus tard, leur champ d’expression, c’est le mix musique + vidéo."

They are from Paris, but it's written "P4RIS". magic, Paris? really ? This is not what emerges from the first four clips, true short films that tell, of underground wanderings in virtual reality helmet trips, the daily life of a dealer of psychotropic eye drops in the capital.

The counterfeit group has set itself the goal of offering a different vision of the Parisian universe by "blurring the boundaries between the real and the virtual". Each piece of their first ep "4" is played live and is reworked as part of a meeting of sound and image. Obsessed with virtual reality - not to mention the counterfeiting of the reality.

Beyond the form, neat and anxiety, which reminds the controversy stress of justice and Romain Costa-Gavras, it is all the short but fruitful history of the French touch that this silent quartet embraces these four pieces, from discoid arpeggios of Daft Punk to shelling on the edge of the Krautrock that Kavinsky assumes. but he kisses her, just like Gesaffelstein, lips highlighted with black, expression of low techno instincts that nothing could hinder.

In partnership with UNI-T.


DJ set
Live act


Panenka Music


Resident Advisor

Paris, France

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