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Dylan Fogarty

Dylan Fogarty is a Dublin-based artist whose career in electronic music has been marked by consistent growth and acclaim. His musical identity is rooted in stripped-back, loop-driven techno, deeply influenced by the sounds of the 90s and 00s, paying homage to the old-school era.

With a noteworthy presence in the electronic music landscape, Dylan has achieved recognition through his releases on various VA compilations and esteemed labels, including RAW, Concrete Berlin, Groovecore United, and Aktivv, among others. These releases showcase his commitment to crafting meticulous sonic experiences.

Beyond the studio, Dylan has successfully translated his musical creations to dancefloors around the world. His performances, both on international and local stages, underscore his ability to captivate audiences with his distinctive blend of groovy electronic rhythms.

Despite being at the outset of his musical journey, Dylan Fogarty has already garnered substantial support and a catalog of releases that reflect his dedication to the electronic music craft. His future promises continued growth and exploration within the realm of groovy electronic soundscapes.


DJ set


Groovecore United
Concrete Berlin



Dublin, Ireland

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