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Stockholm born, Paris based DJ, Ey.rah has fast become one to watch in the world of progressive electronic music. Her time spent living across Europe & Hong Kong built her a diverse musical culture and made her a wide-ranging selector.

Perfecting her DJ skills early on, in classic and contemporary rap music, later turned into a journey through the many realms of electronic music. Her endless appetite to broaden her knowledge has today led her to find her grounds in techno with a sound unique to her, that is pounding, textured and groovy.

Unafraid of paying homage to her whole musical spectrum, she skillfully challenges the image of modern techno with an approach full of contrast. It leaves you invited into a foolproof universe, which is dark but never desperate, never lacking in energy and always leaves you wanting to come back for more.


DJ set


Rinse France resident every Thursday


Paris, France

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