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Falhaber’s in this for life. An almost total immersion in music from day one, the threads he weaves through his high octane DJ sets trace their way back through a lifelong exposure to beats and rhythms from around the world.

From following his dad’s ska band gig to gig, to hitting The Hague’s party scene at a very tender age. Some might say it was too much too young, but he found a path through the special kind of madness, absorbing all kinds of musical influences at every available opportunity.

He started making music at the age of 17 and his tracks got picked up very fast from the start. A chance encounter with Raw Agency in Paris at his first ever gig, and he could feel the glow of a yellow brick road that would take him from Parisian warehouses to Polish military bases, via Tresor and Amsterdam’s Gashouder.

Whilst hip hop, punk, house and italo-disco first turned his head, techno split open the wormhole for him to dive head first into another dimension. From the heavy-hitting sound to Detroit sci-fi funk and 90s analogue rhythms, today he plays right across the board with the experience and know-how of someone who’s seen it all.

He brings this experience to the booth and his current role as programmer at The Hague’s consistent source of high quality dance music, PIP. In a full circle narrative arc, the boy charming his way inside with a fake ID now moves the club forward with his artistic vision for musically diverse club nights.

With his debut album, ‘Glitches of Life’ that dropped on Obscuur, and multiple exciting festival-circuit spots lined up, 2023 is already shaping up to be another defining period for this techno full-timer. With a touring schedule that’s already spanned from Ireland to Turkey, it’s surely a matter of time before he steps beyond the EU’s outer edges and into the rest of the world.


DJ set


Rave or Die


Den Haag, Netherlands

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