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Perfectionism, persistence and patience are summing up the past years of Jastice highly accurate. Coming from a small town near Munich, it is safe to say that she is used to create in the shadows of the electronic music scene. It was always her and the music itself. Trial and error. An authentic and private combination, without any expectations for the future.

Exactly this journey is resulting in a distinctive sound identity fueled with remarkable energy & passionate emotions which one can’t really describe without being on the dance floor.
For Jastice nothing should be left to chance. Always eager to work hard and develop herself, the self-taught artist intends to draw a thin line between being a music producer and a DJ. „You have a profound musical understanding and this helps me a lot to evolve artistically.“

Even in the early phases of her DJ career, there was always a unique approach which highlighted her performances. The unexpected blend of various styles and BPM into one single piece of music - telling a story, building up the energy and leading the crowd through an ecstatic sound experience.

Since 2020, Jastice is slowly gaining recognition among the scene. The highly influential DJ/ Producer Amelie Lens welcomed the German artist in the world of Techno by signing ‘Hey You’ on her label EXHALE.
Focusing on the appearances as a DJ, her first show away from home was in no other than the legendary Rex Club Paris, shortly before making her Berlin debut by opening the Six Years SYNOID anniversary. After getting some exposure in Europe, Jas is ambitious to share her artistic illustration with the global scene which is gradually opening up to the artist.

Jastice’s ultimate goal is a timeless and meticulous crafted sound in both, production and performance, which reflects her special connection to music and adds an incomparable approach to the existing electronic music scene.


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Resident Advisor

Munich, Germany

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