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Persistence and patience accurately sum up Jastice’s past years. Hailing from a small town near Munich, she is accustomed to creating in the shadows of the electronic music scene. It has always been her and the music itself - a journey marked by trial and error. This authentic and private combination thrived without any expectations for the future.

Always eager to work hard and continue growing, the self-taught artist aims to draw a thin line between being a music producer and a DJ. Jastice believes that merging both is essential to create a sonically coherent concept, serving as a vessel to reflect her soul within the music. Prioritizing honesty, Jastice’s shows become a genuine exploration, ensuring that each performance offers an unfiltered and sincere glimpse into her essence, making it a truly distinctive encounter for the audience.

Since 2020, Jastice has been steadily gaining recognition in the scene. The highly influential DJ/Producer Amelie Lens welcomed the German artist in the world of Techno by signing ‘Hey You’ on her label EXHALE. This pivotal step led to a debut performance at Ibiza’s iconic DC-10 in 2023, marking a significant milestone in the artist’s career.

Furthermore, the French scene played a crucial role for Jastice, instilling confidence through early shows at renowned venues like the Rex Club or the Moulin Rouge in Paris.

Amidst several initial European shows, it became evident that her authentic place lies far beyond her modest hometown, igniting a passion for more to come. Embracing the desire to push boundaries and evolve further, Jastice is immersed in producing her debut album - a pursuit set to mark the beginning of a promising new chapter.


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Munich, Germany

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