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Melania hails from Poland and has made a name for herself in the international techno circuit. What fuels her sets is a hunger for new sounds and surprising juxtapositions that expand beyond genre's boundaries. Aiming for a highly dynamic, fast-turning sound, she's not shy of sweeping epic moments and bass mutations, confidently blending in breakbeat and drum & bass between big room heavy beats. She's based in Berlin, but helds a residency at Projekt LAB in Poznań and is part of the Parisian crew RAW.

Since her debut in 2014, Melania has explored various avenues of her music fascinations. Growing confident with her productions, she appeared on Blocaus, Instruments Of Discipline, Oraculo Records and Subsist Records, among others. To focus on more bass- leaning sounds and broken beats, she has recently launched Bunkai, a curatorial cycle at HÖR and now also a travelling party that has already taken over Projekt LAB and Cel in Katowice, aiming to expand both in Poland and abroad. If that's not enough, she also plays rhythmic noise as Harsh Mentor, blurring the lines between DJ sets and live performances in her hybrid sets. In the past, she also co-run the Verzerrung event series.

Melania has performed in Europe's major cities, thoroughly exploring her local Berlin scene, but also appearing everywhere from Seoul through Beirut to New York, from Khidi in Tbilisi through Loopy in Hangzhou to FOLD in London, and is of course a frequent guest in her homeland, playing regularly at Projekt LAB or Jasna 1.


DJ set


Instruments of Discipline
Oraculo Records
Subsist records


Berlin, Germany

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