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Raffaele Attanasio

Born to a musician father in his home city of Naples, Attanasio was only satiated when listening to virtuoso maestros like Il Guardiano del Faro and Keith Emerson. Developing his prodigious ear, he trained on drums and then piano and his auspicious ability become apparent early. In his late teens, he ventured into DJing and electronic music production and has garnered plaudits from Jeff Mills, Len Faki and Ben Sims; even performing with Mills in a B2B live set and also Octave One. He found a home within the electronic music community, heading his own label Letter From Jerusalem, and releasing on others, such as Third Wave Black and Non Series. His label even released music from Douglas McCarthy of the band Nitzer Ebb.

What has never been lost on Attanasio is his eclectic flair. His releases span from nefarious techno - even releasing under his X-501 alias - to riveting Detroit inspired dance music with soulful piano. That piano may encapsulate a sound not many may equate to the Italian, but he now threads down a course that garners influences from his native Naples and musicians like Keith Jarret Duke Ellington and even Hans Zimmer. His artistic mould is shaped from by his experiences, and these are laid bare in his jazz-tinged sound on his album Nuovo Futuro, which was released on Axis records. Kaleidoscopic in his quenching of musical thirst, Attanasio keeps music in its purest form. These melodic air vibrations evoke something opaque, yet wildly pulchritudinous, regardless of the audience.


DJ set
Live act


Monnom Black

Letters From Jerusalem


Naples, Italy

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