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The Chronics

The Chronics stands out as an artist of remarkable versatility, showcasing his prowess not only as a skilled DJ but also as a proficient producer. Renowned for his signature straight groove, evocative anthems that carry a nostalgic vibe, and powerful vocals designed to resonate on the dance floor, The Chronics has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the music scene.
His dedication to pushing boundaries and exploring new sonic territories made him sign releases on different respected labels such as Selected, Akronym, Laburnum or RAW to name a few.
Beyond his creative talents, The Chronics has taken on significant roles in the industry with his implication in different labels. He collaborates closely with his musical soulmate, the esteemed Chlär, co-managing the Bipolar Disorder and Primal Instinct labels alongside Alarico, where his innovative approach to music is reflected in the labels offerings.
Operating within the underground scene for almost ten years now, he has been an important element in shaping and contributing to the current techno scene through his different projects.


DJ set


Bipolar Disorder Rec.
Binary Cells
Fever Recording
Alien Sound Trax


Geneva, Switzerland

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