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The Chronics

Adept of the no Fucks Given, The Chronics is a Geneva based artist and label owner in the heart of the Geneva techno underground. Between a slap in your face and a warm hug, The Chronics knows how to make people dance.

From superfast break beat to heavy stomping techno, his track selection and production never disappoint and will lead you to an unpredictable journey.

In 2017, he created his own imprint Bipolar Disorder Rec to involve not only pioneers on the scene but also share his love for electronic music with new talents, and therefore growing a family of successes and successes-to-be. In 2018, he joined forces with his now forever music soulmate Chlär to manage Bipolar Disorder Rec and always deliver new projects.


DJ set


Bipolar Disorder Rec.
Binary Cells
Fever Recording
Alien Sound Trax


Geneva, Switzerland

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