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Under Black Helmet

Lithuanian artist Under Black Helmet, is a rising force in the complex art of modern fast-paced techno. A true embodiment of techno spirit, a reminder from the depth leading his audience into intense and mental musical journeys.

A protegee of Moerbeck’s Code Is Law platform, the artist’s current surge into the shadowy realm of dance music has been further supported by notorious labels such as MORD, HEX, Exhale and RAW setting up the producer as a fresh authority to be reckoned with.

In addition to stand out all-night long sets and various back-to-back spots, his burgeoning career has swiftly seen his bookings fall in alongside many well known artists at some of the most famous dance floors all around the world such as Berghain, Reaktor, Unpolished, Dour Festival, or Boiler Room to name a few.

Under Black Helmet is one of the rare artists of the current scene cumulating several millions of streams on several of his tracks and he has rightfully established himself in today’s techno landscape as one of his best representatives.


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Code Is Law




Vilnius, Lithuania

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