Brayan was born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1990. Since he is 12 years old, he is interested into electronic music. After his arrival in Spain at the age of 15, he started to be influenced by artists like Oscar Mulero, Surgeon, Ansome, Dj Rush and others.

His devotion to modular synths makes his sound special, intense and full of distortions during his live sets and productions. This passion for

music and the modular world took him to share stage with artists such as Surgeon, Dasha Rush, UVB, Ansome, Randomer, I Hate Models,

Alexandro Cortini, Hodge etc...

In the middle of 2017 Brayan Valenzuela published his first release (Scribble Acid) in his sub label called "0000". Ep which includes a collaboration with Codex Empire, artist of the German label aufnahme + wiedergabe.



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