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Ascion is the musical project of Pasquale Ascione, an Italian from Naples, currently based in Berlin. What makes Ascion’s music to stand out from the contemporary techno context, is its immediacy and intensity delivered in a genuine and open-hearted manner. Pasquale maintains the subtle tension in his tracks. There are constant upsurges of energy and unrest in these acidic formations calming down just to reappear with even stronger punch. The tracks sometimes build up to the intensity of hardcore or echoes the golden age of rave as well as contemporaneous monolith Berlin tech-vibes.

Even though the majority of its output bursts with utmost vigor of the heated-up climaxes of warehouse raves, these is also a place for the moments of icy lushness manifested on the darker sci-fi’ish release “The Cybernetic Drama”, more downtempo of “Public Head” EP on his 3TH Records or profound and drifting tunes of “Channel #9”. Pasquale’s various musical guises are nicely manifested in his sole full-length “Joy Dexon Club” on his Repitch Recordings, where airy and vivid techno compositions are infused with electrified pulses and traces classic IDM nostalgia hinting at legendary Warp output of the 90’s. Despite these references, Ascion’s tracks are best described neither by retro of futurist discourses, but rather a sprawling and overwhelming moment of the now, this hypnotic physicality still experienced in underground raves.

Pasquale nicely sums it all up in the interview for Self-Titled magazine: “My music is characterized by a certain energetic atmosphere and distortion, regardless the genre. I like Power for the right mind-body-journey”.

Ascion’s name can also be frequently found next to D.Carbone and Shapednoise, his kindred spirits, friends and frequent collaborators with whom he manages Repitch Recordings and Cosmo Rhythmatic labels. This curatorial activity showcases the vast musical taste of Pasquale and in a way reflects his own sonic endeavours. Whether alone or together with his colleagues, Pasquale’s adventurous approach and true underground attitude are treasures in the scene.

Words by Paulius Ilevičius

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