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Bipolar Disorder Rec.
Lobster Theremin
Moments In Time




In 2018, Chlär officially entered the techno scene by releasing his first EP on Bipolar Disorder Rec at the age of 20. His first involvement in the world of electronic music consisted of organizing illegal rave parties in his home country; Switzerland.

Having played in several major club capitals in Europe, he has caught the attention of more and more people by providing ‘’skillful and outstanding" performances. Producer and craftsman of sound, Chlär shines through his unconventional approach to techno. With the use of scientific and meticulous methods, he continues to fine tune the progress of his search for increasingly organic, pounding grooves and soundscapes to create simple and subtle elements that embody effective, energetic and highly infectious pieces of music.

Now at ease with the production of many genres : from straight forward techno, nostalgic trancy sounds, electro-break-your-neck beats, to old-school stomping grooves, Chlär successfully demonstrated his skills by releasing a wide range of ‘’futuristic bangers’’.

He is also a former mastering engineer and co-runs Bipolar Disorder Rec. with friend and artistic collaborator, The Chronics. Chlär is sharpening his musical senses and abilities on many sides of the industry, by being an artist and engineer but also working in A&R and Event Management.

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