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Adrien David is a french audio-visual artist born near the French Alps. He begin his art career in a photgraphy school, but his love for music leads him into audio-visual installations and Vjing. By founding Holos Collective, an art collective who claims the freedom of art, he develops his reflection and vision on all the forms of art.

Stuck in the matrix of the real, he explores digital landscapes through his art and the place of the image inside our numerical contemporary world. He questions the notion of reality inside the digital image by destroying her with algorithms, codes and digital manipulations.

The represented reality is only a sequence of binary code which our computers give us the illusion of a possible truth. But by making the image, the computer can also destroy it.

« Creation also born of the destruction »

Digital image become a new material witch he use as a paint to draw his perception of reality. His visuals evolves between perceptible and imperceptible, fast and luminous, real and unreal.

Apart from his visual project, he explore the limits of sound through his installations. Influenced by Ryoji Ikeda and Glitch art, he use images to create new sonorities and immersives pieces.

His interest in image and sound gives him knowledge to create a perfect harmony between them.

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