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Intense, dark, rough and driving, a live act like no other.

Peryl’s style has no boundaries. From pounding electronic techno to macabre noise and industrial violence. Expect to be assaulted and transformed with his aggressive and unique style.

Within a very short period of time, Peryl was able to make a name for himself due to his exceptional Livesets and, especially, his striking productions. He relentlessly is able to carry his audience to a journey driven by lashing kicks through dark abysses. Until they get caught by an intense whirl of emotions.
Skillfully mixed drones, synths and melodies, which again and again create breathtaking and ambient soundscapes, are proving, that Peryl is not only able to create rough but rather also emotional tunes.

With his already published threes EPs “Still Mine” (Codec 992, 2017) and “Lust” (Schizophrenia Crew, 2018),"Dagegen" (Lebendig, 2018), he furthermore shows that he does not rest on his previous development. Therefore, every EP is always different but still holds his own and distinctive hand.

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