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Process 404 is a French DJ from Lyon, France. He started making sound at the age of 15 and fell in the dark and modern side of techno.

His passion for futuristic and raw sounds takes you to a state of confusion, in a world where humans become trapped in their own vices and virtues. Through various productions and sets, he's part of the artists who are not locked in one genre.

He started to make himself known with his track “Latest rave in the bunker” and many other tracks released on Molekül, Kolkoz Records, Grounded, Dred Collective, Advanced records... Those distorted and heavy beats took him to play in places like Paris, Galway, Pristina, Ghent, Bordeaux, Valence...

Process 404 works on several tracks for 2020 which will be played in his next gigs. Start listening and fall into his world where the ordinary run of things is highly disrupted.

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