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Anarchy in the funk


One of Belgium's cult characters of what's called these days the crossing EBM-Techno scene or more specified as TBM (Techno body music).

Bringing his dark energetic typical sound consistently to dance floors all over the world since 2002. It is no secret that Belgians throughout the years, had and still have an important influence in the evolution of Electronic Body Music, Rave and Techno music.

After several full albums and many EP's on different imprints, he is also very known for his remix duties for bands like The neon judgement, Front 242, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, HIV+, Liebknecht, Icant&Hendrik, The Klinik, A split second, Psyché, Schwefelgelb, Delectro, h ø r d, The Clash and more.

His collaboration with Oliver Chesler aka The Horrorist resulted in an all-time classic "Here comes the storm" remixed by Berlin's Ostgut ton based Kobosil which was tipped as "track of the year"'.

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