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Belgian DJ, producer and event promotor Anthony Vanlinthout, better known as TWAN, made his DJ debut at the age of 18, taking a young man's passion of Hardcore, Rave and Techno to an international scale.

He played some of the biggest stages in Belgium, lit up Kozzmozz three times, took Kompass Klub by storm, and played festivals and clubs spread around the world such as Berlin techno bunker Tresor, Intercell Amsterdam, DSNT Belfast, Nature One Festival, Tomorrowland, Contrast Paris, Beirut Lebanon, etc…

As an artist and producer, Anthony has created a sound and a vision that’s uncompromising, fierce and abiding. Respected in the scene, Anthony eventually joins the notorious RAW Agency in 2018. Releasing his very first EP as a split EP called "2 Boners" (2016) on Madback Records with Casimir Desmet better known as [KRTM] also didn't go unnoticed. After the many creative hours these two spent together it was time to initiate a new project bringing Anthony's and Casimir's know-how together as a new Hybrid Live performance that is now rocking international stages.

Anthony has released music on Madback Records, T/W/B & RAW and is also the heart of RIMBU & Repossession, the events he co-founded in 2016. Founded originally in order to express his artistic vision as resident artist while, at that time, introducing a new kind of techno to Belgium, RIMBU & Repossesion became key players in Belgian's techno scene and a home for a lot of dedicated ravers who are still attending every gathering.

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