Julian Muller, from France is based in Brussels.


He showed up 6 years ago when based in Berlin and he gained his first credits and recognition.


His thing? Spinning vinyls and going through all kinds of Techno, from 90s oldies, early 2000 dancefloors’s burners, trancy pieces, jungle and breaks.

He is always Trying to stand out in his record’s selection to maintain a dancefloor up for hours.


In 2015 he launched his own imprint « initial berlin » that quickly became known as being a mix between established artists and newcomers, spreading techno from different atmosphere.


After many years only deejaying, he decided to show up with his productions. With a sound that has no genre limits, always seeking to bring emotions through epic and melancholic synths blended with raw and dirty beats. But also exploring different spectrum of electronic music while always trying to keep his own touch on it.

Julian Muller






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Initial Berlin

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