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Any good event has an insane light production and any insane light production has Strobert at the helm. Strobert is momentarily one of the most respected light technicians in the Netherlands. Collaborating with the frontrunners of well-organized techno events, Strobert has been able to leave an imprint on the experiences of audiences.

Starting his career as stagehand at the infamous Awakenings in 2001, Strobert has since then evolved his creativity and skill as a technician. This caused him to design and improve many light productions in the local nightlife of Amsterdam. His lighting design work took another creative leap when Reaktor Events began promoting their forward-thinking techno events with Strobert in charge of all lighting.

It’s quite simple to distinct an Strobert light design from other productions. This easiness in distinction is what sets him apart from other light technicians. Strobert’s taste for minimalism can be felt and experienced in all his productions. Especially his use of the strobes cause an everlasting imprint. It is Strobert’s preference to keep lighting as minimal and intense as possible. This preference and ability resulted in him being widely regarded as one of the best Dutch light technicians.


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